Your signed and dated summary application form and the appropriate fee (where applicable) must be accompanied by the supporting documentation set out below.

If you do not submit the required documentation your application may be refused on the basis of insufficient documentation.


Two colour passport sized photographs not more than 6 months old

Your name and visa application reference number must be printed clearly on the back.  More information on photograph requirements here.


Your current passport and a full copy of any previous passports

Your current passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your intended date of departure from Ireland.

If you are not a national of the country where you are applying from, you must submit evidence of your permission to be in that country e.g. a residence card. You must also have at least 3 months permission to be in that country after your intended date of departure from Ireland.


A signed letter of application including your full contact details

  • outlining your reason for wanting to visit Ireland,
  • stating how long you intend to stay,
  • giving details of where you intend to stay while you are in Ireland, and
  • undertaking that you will observe the conditions of your visa, that you will not become a burden on the State, and that you will leave the State on the expiry of your permission to remain.


Accommodation and travel details

Details of your accommodation and travel details, for example:

  • hotel/guesthouse/hostel booking confirmation (may be by email)
  • travel booking confirmation (may be by e-mail), 
  • travel agent confirmation (may be by e-mail),
  • accommodation details with a supporting letter from the occupant confirming that you are able to stay with them.


A planned itinerary, if you have one, which may include:

  • bookings or tickets for any excursions or trips,
  • email conversations about any excursions or trips,
  • travel agent bookings.



  • You must provide an up-to-date bank statement, showing what money has been paid into and out of the account over the last six months. You must submit this whether or not you are covering the costs of the visit yourself.
  • Bank statements must be on headed paper - internet printouts will not be accepted.
  • Your name, address, account number and account type must be visible on the statement. Any large lodgements must be explained.
  • If you are sending a bank statement from a deposit/savings account, you must also include a letter from your bank confirming that you are allowed to withdraw money from that account.
  • If a third party is covering your costs, you must show how you are linked/known to this person.
  • There is no set amount of funds that will result in the approval or refusal of an application. The Visa Officer will decide whether your have enough funds based on your individual circumstances.


Evidence of your obligations to return to your country of permanent residence.

As you are applying for a short stay visa for Ireland (which permits visits of less than 90 days), it is important that you provide evidence that you have strong family, social or economic ties to your country of residence. This is necessary in order to satisfy the Visa Officer that you will leave Ireland on, or before, your intended date of departure from Ireland.

It is your responsibility to provide this evidence. All of the information that you provide must be in the form of documentary evidence which can be verified by the Visa Officer.


Suggestions on how to show evidence of your obligations to return

If you are employed, you must provide your 3 most recent payslips and a letter from your employer stating:

  • how long you have been employed there,
  • the dates you will be on annual leave from,
  • the date you will be returning to work in that employment.


If you are a student, you must provide a letter from your college stating:

  • the course you are studying,
  • how many years you have been a student there,
  • how many years/terms you have left at that college, and that you will be returning there following your visit to Ireland.


Details of any family members living in your country of residence - if you are married or have children under age eighteen, and your spouse or children are remaining at home, you should submit your marriage certificate and birth certificates for the children.


Evidence of any property you own/rente.g. Title deed/tenancy agreement.

All letters submitted should be on official company headed paper and give full contact details so that they can be verified. These must include a full postal address, name of contact, position in company/college, telephone number (landline), website, and email address (email addresses such as Yahoo or Hotmail are not accepted).


Medical/Travel Insurance

Evidence of medical/travel insurance does not need to be provided with your application. However, the Visa Officer may request it before they make a decision on your application.

If your visa is approved, you must have evidence of medical/travel insurance when you arrive at the port of entry (airport/seaport) and must present it to the Immigration Officer on request.


Previous Visa Refusals

If you have been refused a visa in the past for any country, you must provide the details.

The original letter issued to you by the authorities of that country must be provided with your application.

Not disclosing any previous visa refusals will result in your application being refused.