Italy Tourist Visa




01.    List Y N ‘C’ type visa application form (fully completed, dated and signed by the applicant).   Passport having validity of at least 180 days from date of expiry of requested visa, with at least 1 both side blank page. (Copies of visa pages). 

02.     Two recent passport-size and style colour photographs (white background only) taken not before 6 months from the date of submission.

03.      A detailed letter of presentation addressed to the Embassy by the applicant and applicant’s company specifying: a. Purpose of the trip b. Professional status of Applicant c. Details regarding activities.

04.    For an employee: a. Appointment letter b. Salary statements/pay slips of the last six months (original + photocopy). For Business Owners/Employer/Self Employed: a. Registration documents of the applicant’s company b. certificate of incorporation c. memorandum of articles and association (copies of the first two and last page with the names of the shareholders) d. valid membership certificate with local chamber of commerce e. tax number f. VAT registration g. Trade License (original and photocopy). 

05.     Updated Personal & Company Bank Statements of the last six months. (original + photocopy) Credit Card Statements if available. (For further details on the required amount of money per day please visit our website at 

06.     Signed letter of invitation “Lettera d’invito per tourismo” from the Italian Company emailed or faxed directly to the Italian Embassy in Dhaka. (A copy of which must also be submitted by the visa applicant). Only the official invitation letter (format can be downloaded from will be accepted. OR Hotel Reservation. (An official letter from the hotel confirming the booking in the name of the applicant must be submitted).  

07.    Additional documents for accompanying family members:   • Marriage certificate (for Spouse)   • Birth Certificate (for Children)   • Leave Grant letter from school along with ID card photocopy should be provided in case of students.   • Family certificate (certificate has to be by head of the family and all family members including the head has to be included) 

08.     • No objection certificate should be provided from non-travelling parents in case a child is travelling without one parent. 

09.     In case of fully sponsored travel sponsor need to send FIDUZZIONE, Six months Bank Statement, copy of passport or soggiorno along with invitation.  

10.    Overseas Medical Insurance with minimum coverage of Euro 30,000-, only from recommended insurance company (list available at website).  

11.    Booking of return air ticket (original and photocopy).  

12.    Participants of trade fair must submit evidence of full payment of the stall    Minimum 3 months valid Bangladeshi visa is required for Foreigners from the date of expected return date from Italy/destination country.