New Zealand







New Zealand is known as the world’s most naturally beautiful country which is populated by only 4million people! Hard working and determination is the key to success here. Life is far less stressed with a lot of promises to enjoy holidays by going outdoors either in a sunny uncrowded beach, or roaming nearer nature, or mountain bike track etc! It is also recognized as less corrupted country according to the Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index 2012-13.

Students all over the world comes to study in New Zealand as it provides quality education along with the offer of great outdoor enjoyments in holiday! Climate, surroundings, cost of living, and the laws are different here as it’s an island nation, therefore, anything which is not sourced from within has to be imported that makes the goods costly. This country is also a gold mine for business minded people where it offers Work and Residence VISA who owns or operates or plans to invest money here! So take the opportunities with the assistance of Global Education & Tourism (GET) Consultancy where earning and learning moves simultaneously!!

 New Zealand offers a day to day life style where a person can spend an honest day’s work including socialism, family time and refreshment activities. If anyone plans to get settled in abroad, New Zealand offers the easier immigration process. For students who will complete Level-8 will get 1 year work permission for unlimited hours. With 2 years of work experience you can apply for PR (Permanent Residence). New Zealand has lists of skill shortage for which skilled people with experience for the specific sector can have easier Work and Residence Visa on behalf of the NZ Govt. to overseas students!