Career counselling

Our core team of professional counselors works closely with you to recommend the most appropriate courses for you in keeping with your personal circumstances, your potential and your career aspirations. We are familiar with hundreds of courses offered by institutions around the world, and we are able to guide you through a careful selection process.

Personalized service is our strength. As a result, we enjoy high credibility within our industry. We take great pains to meet the expectations of our students and partner institutions.

Visa assistance

Getting a student visa is perhaps the most complex and critical stage in your admission process. Over the years, consulate offices have tightened rules and regulations making it possible for only the most genuine of students to obtain student visas. In keeping with immigration requirements, Global Travel Service conducts a rigorous screening process to ensure that your application is successful. Our visa success rate is high because we are thorough in our work and do not process incomplete or fraudulent documents. We also help you prepare for visa interviews.

Admissions & fees

Based on the course and institution of your choice, we are responsible for ensuring that your applications are complete and processed through the right channels. We organize your admission offer letters for you before taking you through the visa process.

We also facilitate foreign exchange for our students at competitive rates, and also provide assistance in transferring your tuition fee to the institution where you are enrolled.


Global Travel Service has a won travel agency. So, it helps students get the best deals in air ticket, Accommodations and travel insurance.

Airport reception

Global Travel Service can arrange for students to be received on arrival.


If required, Global Travel Service can organize initial temporary accommodation for new students reasonably close to their place of study.