Tourist Visa Requirement:

Bangladeshi visa applicants have to present the following documents:

(1) application form (Fill out all headings, front and back, using capital letters.
Your application shall not be processed in case of error or omission. You have to date and
sign the application.)
(2) recent colour photographs (full face, no dark glasses, no head covering, plain
white background only)
(3)Valid passport (the validity of the passport has to exceed the end of the proposed trip by at
least three months)
(4)Clear photocopy of your passport data page (identification page)
(5)Travel Health Insurance (valid for all Schengen countries which covers medical expenses
at minimum of 30,000 /- EUR)
(6) Hotel booking/s (no e-mail printout)
(7)Tourplan for the entire travel
(8)Flight reservation
(9)Proof of personal living conditions: marriage certificate, children's birth certificate/s (if applicable)
(10)Statements of personal bank account of the last three months
Additional, if employed by a company or partner of a company here in Bangladesh:
· Leave letter of employer (with physical address and telephone number) stating the duration of
leave and the function/profession of the applicant in the company
· Pay slips of the last three months
· Statements of personal bank account of the last three months

□ All documents have to be accompanied with the original document and one photocopy
All documents listed overleaf have to be presented in the original and as a photocopy!
Documents in Bangla must be submitted with translated copy either in English or France!