Turkish Embassy Bangladesh

House No: 7 Road No: 2 Baridhara – Dhaka-1212

Telephone: (+88) 02 984 2198, (+88) 02 882 3536

Fax: (+88) 02 882 3873

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Online visa application new system starts from January 5, 2016. Bangladeshi citizens

Willing to travel to Turkey are expected to make their applications for all types of visa

Through the online visa application new system: www.visa.gov.tr (Please select “EN” in

The top right corner of the Embassy website for English Language). An appointment

With the Turkish Consular using online application portal will also be scheduled.

Tourist Visa Documents Requirements:

1. Visa application form (duly filled in and signed by the applicant)

2. A valid passport (with a six-month validity on the date of the application)

3. Two (2) passport size (2×2 inc.) Biometric photos.

4. Marriage certificate (if a married couple is traveling together) (Attested by a Notary


5. National ID card or birth certificate photocopy (ID mandatory)

6. Airline ticket reservation

7. Hotel reservation or Invitation

8. Up to date bank statement (covers the transactions of the last three months)

9. Bank Solvency

10. Letter of introduction from the company (if the visit will be made on behalf of a


11. Supporting document on the applicant’s commitment to return (Land registry,

Business certificate, salary table, bank account statement)

12. Letter of invitation from an individual or institution in Turkey (properly signed and

Directly sent by e-mail or fax to the Embassy)

13. Trade license (Attested by a Notary Public)

14. Income tax return / TIN (Attested by a Notary Public)

15. Membership to any trade body (Attested by a Notary Public)

16. Insurance original copy 

17. Visa fees: 4,500/=

Submission of the following documents could help support the application:

1. Letter of introduction from the company/employer of the applicant

2. Trade license (Attested by a Notary Public)

3. Income tax return / TIN (Attested by a Notary Public)

4. Membership to any trade body (Attested by a Notary Public)


Study in Turkey

The required documents for Undergraduate Applications are:

1.     Photocopy of high school diploma (with the official transcript)

2.     All High school Transcripts/Grades (corresponding to the 3 or 4 high school years)

3.     Passport photocopy

4.     2 photographs

5.     If available, a record of scores for one English Language Competency Examinations (for example TOEFL or Cambridge Certificate) . The English Language requirements are detailed below.