Visa Information

For obtaining Visa the following documents are to be submitted:

1. Filled-in Visa Application Form (available at the Consular Department). Incomplete forms are NOT accepted. The form should be typed or written legibly.

2. Valid Passport and Photocopy of its first two pages. Validity of passport must not be less than 3 months from the date of visa issue (for students not less than 1,5 year).

3. Original Invitation for Entry from the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation and its copy. The Invitation is to be arranged in the Russian Federation by inviting person, business partner or education institution. Copies are disregarded. Those who intend to visit Russia for Tourist Purpose should submit Originals of Tourist Voucher and Confirmation for Receiving of Foreign Tourist, which are obtained from a Russian Travel Agency registered with the Consular Department of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

4. One passport-size Photo of Applicant. The photo should be coloured, preferably on matte paper.

5. Original Air Tickets or Booking Confirmation receipt and their copies.

6. HIV Test (AIDS) Certificate and its copy as well as Medical Fitness Certificate and its copy in case if one applies for Visa with validity more than three months.

7. Paid Visa Fee. The Visa Fee depends upon the Type of Visa and is to be paid by Bank Draft against the Payment Order issued in the Consular Department.